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HR manager

As the Assistant to the HR administrator, I would make an obligatory necessity that every single approaching worker must finish another program that was made by me with in their initial 90 days. This program would be intended to guarantee that our new ability comprehends the significance of cooperating. My program would incorporate these three key standards of cooperating. The primary guideline would be on the best way to viably impart as a group. It Is Important when cooperating as a group that all crucial data Is conveyed among one another In a reasonable positive manner.The next rule I would concentrate on In my program would have ur Incoming representatives take a shot at a gathering trust work out. To guarantee a superior group when cooperating, the colleagues must have the option to confide in all the Individuals In the gathering. The last standard I would Implement Into my program as the right hand to the HR administrator would be a decent variety workshop. This workshop will get ready Incoming representatives to connect innovatively, and work out troublesome circumstances with companions of a wide range of foundations. ncoming representatives will discover quickly that there is a significant spotlight on cooperation all through their preparation. In their first week I would have them center around how to adequately ommunicate to their friends in the workforce. I would set them up in gatherings, and have them start with ice breakers, at that point proceed onward to a little synergistic task. I trust that they discover that compelling correspondence is significant, not exclusively to share the correct measure of data, yet by likewise realizing how to talk in an expert manner.You consistently need to abstain from talking down, and yapping requests to your associates when cooperating. Successful correspondence is beyond the realm of imagination on the off chance that you don't converse with your colleagues in proficient way. When the new approaching represe ntatives have figured out how to convey viably when cooperating, I ould then have them partake in trust building works out. We as a whole realize that trust is the structure obstructs behind any great relationship, and I would need our new approaching representatives to have a decent working relationship, and to have trust among each other.Some of these trust building activities would incorporate gathering ventures. These undertakings are to be intended to have every individual from the gathering to finish a specific errand. To achieve the final product, the general objective everybody should play separated. Gatherings that total the task will see that their trust and cooperation lead them to their consummation. Different gatherings that didn't complete will likewise perceive how Important trust and collaboration is to their prosperity. The last key guideline I would Implement in my program for new Incoming representatives Is an assorted variety workshop.Diversity In the work enviro nment has numerous advantages to It! Some key focuses that I would need my Incoming representatives to get from the workshop will be cooperating with different societies to cultivate a progressively imaginative and Innovative workforce. Multicultural representatives bring an assortment of bring new Ideas, and recommendations to the table. Numerous Ideas that are invigorating, and here and there very Innovating. I would need the Incoming representatives cap are employed for initiative or administrative posltlons to truly concentrate on assorted variety when Interviewing, and enrolling talent.Recrultlng from a various pool of applicants implies a progressively qualified workforce. A different and comprehensive workforce additionally helps Duslnesses av010 representative turnover costs I do accept that my program that will be turning out to our approaching workers won't just be valuable to their own proficient turn of events, yet additionally to our associations. The three key standard s recorded in my program will have our staff arranged to cooperate as an exceptionally energetic productive group!

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Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Theology Religion Essay

Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Theology Religion Essay Favored Teresa of Calcutta, conceived Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu and regularly known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, was an ethnic Albanian, Indian Roman Catholic pious devotee. By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By confidence, I am a Catholic pious devotee. With regards to my calling, I have a place with the world. With regards to my heart, I have a place totally with the Heart of Jesus. The book Mother Teresa by Navin Chawla is a delicate, keen account composed with Mother Teresas full collaboration and support, portraying her crucial confidence and rules that guided her. The principal American distribution of the approved memoir of Mother Teresa (distributed in UK in 1992), this book was composed over a five-year time span (1987-1992). The creator, an Indian official and a resigned boss political decision chief of India, has gathered numerous letters and uncommon photos, which give individual appeal as she portrays the life of this Albanian pious devotee who has lived in Calcutta since 1928. To peruse this book is to be out of nowhere raised to Mother Teresas transformative vision of the world. Mother Teresa considers the to be as the very body of the killed Christ, and she sees sickness patients as beneficiaries of an endowment of God intended to carry them closer to Him. Page by page, the drumbeat of this amazing perspective makes it right away clear how the organizer of the Missionaries of Charity has changed what ought to be the most horrifying conditions of ailment, destitution and demise into a chance to serve the messed up body of the living Christ. What makes this life story stand apart from the numerous different books of Mother Teresa is Navin Chawlas extraordinary access to the Saint of the Gutters and the strict convictions he holds. Navin is a Hindu, yet alludes to himself as close to agnostic. Who preferred to compose a life story over one who is wary? He composes of the realities, which incorporate supernatural occurrences that happen each day. Mother Teresa herself informs him regarding these wonders, on the off chance that you implore, you will see them. He composes realities which nobody can contest. The five years Navin took to finish the book empowered him to comprehend the internal individual and convey his bits of knowledge. It was clear right from the Prologue where he composes, As a Hindu, it took me longer than most to comprehend that Mother Teresa is with Christ each cognizant hour, regardless of whether at Mass or with each of those to whom she tends to. It's anything but an alternate Christ on her cross and an alternate one which falsehoods passing on at Kalighat. For Mother Teresa, to adore ones neighbor is to cherish God. This is what is fundamental to her. MOTHER TERESA, AN INDIVIDUAL WITH STRONG CHARACTER The life story began with the biographers note on how he figured out how to get the consent from Mother Teresa to compose a book not about her yet about the work and gives a short record of accomplishment of administrations by Mother Teresa. At that point he discusses the adolescence of Mother Teresa however not given in detail yet was adequate to clarify the musings that drove her to turning into a religious woman. Mother Teresa was conceived as Agnes㠫 Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on 26th August 1910 as the most youthful youngster to Nikola and Drane Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yogoslavia. Her mom, Drane who was not just strict yet down to earth and duty to her confidence impacted the character and the otherworldly existence of youthful Agnes. Agness strict arrangement grew further through her broad inclusion in the lively Jesuit ward of hallowed heart. She was depicted as a decent understudy, careful in appearance, efficient, one who never rejected assistance or help and benevolent by her relatives which she created being a piece of the Sodality. At eighteen years old, she chose to leave her home and become a pious devotee as she understood her employment was towards poor people. From here the book gives minute insights about Mother Teresas venture from her underlying days in India particularly in Darjeeling and Kolkata as a sister at Loreto religious circle, Entally where she took her promises, those of neediness, virtuousness and acquiescence to turning out to be Bengali Teresa. An individual with solid otherworldliness and a profound love for her associates (Sisters) and supporters (understudies), Mother Teresas twenty years at Loreto was noted for her foundation, unselfishness and mental fortitude, her ability for difficult work and a characteristic ability for association, she experienced her sanctification to Jesus, amidst her allies, with loyalty and happiness. MOTHER TERESA, A LEADER WITH CONVICTION Now of time when she got a bring in a call as an internal order to proceed to serve the poor in the roads, she moved toward the circumstance with much contemplation and conference with her profound counselor Father Van Exem. She needed to stay dedicated to her catholic confidence and not be viewed as a common that had relinquished her job as Mother. A long time later with simply three Saris and pennies she was on her way into the lanes planning to give love and expectation where none existed and with a solid faith in her motivation that God would be her supplier. This is an European lady that ventured out into the most unfortunate of the poor roads of India with no cash, no home and no assurances. She has been criticized, starved had stones tossed at her, been compromised and oppressed. She is the person who began her first school in Quite a while with a twig that she drew out the Bengali letter set in less than a tree. She didnt put stock in sparing, as she generally accepted that God would give. She never requested gifts, yet now and again would fall back on asking as the poor did. Never for herself however consistently for other people. The stunning thing about her was that she did everything on trust. Today there are homes made by her in more than 130 nations including the U.S. Her Missionary Services called Missionaries of Charity keeps on developing significantly after her passing. There are Sisters and Brothers that serve and have all taken the destitution pledge and live precisely like poor people. She generally alluded to herself as a simple instrument of God and all the work was finished by God. MOTHER TERESA, A LEADER WITH A STRONG VISION AND MISSION One of the most significant standards Mother Teresa lived by as a pioneer was her Vision. She understood that she was the voice of her vision. She needed to state it plainly. The vision was kept basic and unambiguous and she had confidence in it and lived it each dayin all that she did. The vision inspired her consistently and she inserted it profoundly into the association that she manufactured. She additionally had a reasonable objective which was her crucial her entire life-to serve and to do Gods will. Her case of moral utilization of intensity has become a guide to the individuals who have a lot of influence in this world. She indicated the world that one needn't bother with cash, power, an office, staff, an authoritarian voice to change the world. Rather, all that is required is a conviction, a heart of modesty, and an existence of commitment. Her work itself had significant impact in the most far-fetched places and regularly at the most noteworthy spots. For example she was an enormous power in the congregation. The pope constantly got her at whatever point she visited Rome, as he may get his own kid. The book discusses a few examples where her solicitations to a countrys President were allowed right away. She took activities during a starvation in Ethiopia, spread the message to the then US President Ronald Reagan and he sent his assistance to the spot with food and medication. She was considered as the most influential lady on the planet, yet she remained lowliness itself. The history gives an immediate record of the character of Mother Teresa. The creator gives unaltered portrayals of occasions from which we can without much of a stretch recognize these character characteristics as our own. She appears to be a strong, decided, concentrated person who dont set out to ask, to ask for poor people; a methodical individual who realizes how a progression functions, who knows needs and the estimation of cash. She was straightforward, yet dedicated. An individual with a dream and worth the significance of petition! The creator is exceptionally moved by the way that while the vast majority of us like to concentrate on the large thought, or the huge vision, Mother Teresa concentrated on steadfastness in the littlest things. While we consider adoring the entire world, she encouraged us to cherish our neighbor. While we center around doing extraordinary things, she concentrated on doing little things with adoration. At last, it is these little things that will decide whether we will accomplish anything large in our life. MOTHER TERESA, AS A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER As a pioneer, the more one is happy to forfeit and surrender oneself for the bigger vision, the more prominent the natural products one will bear. The more one sows as far as exertion, time and cash, the more one will harvest in ones life. Mother Teresa gave herself completely to ease the neediness around her by contacting each life in turn, and she achieved such a great amount toward an incredible finish. Mother Teresa is a fine case of a pioneer in todays culture. Her significant humble ways and authority has always molded the manner in which this world glances at the individuals who live without it. Notwithstanding her administration characteristics Mother Teresa would not have ascended to extraordinary statures to win the hearts of the a large number of individuals around the world. She served poor people, stranded and kicking the bucket individuals for more than forty-five years and never under any circumstance was worn out on her administration. The genuine stories referenced i n the book contact and move our heart. At the point when the individuals influenced with infection were considered as untouchables, she stretched out her administration to them and thought about them by beginning numerous homes. Mother Teresa was unassuming and never thought about her own picture, an uncommon quality that could scarcely be found in any pioneer far and wide. At whatever point she happened to go in flights, she used to gather the extra food from all the voyagers on the plane and dispersed the gathered food to the ravenous and poor individuals. Despite the fact that she had no cash ordinarily, she never wavered to ask to help individuals. She was incredibly gutsy in helping individuals experiencing sickness. She never was drained in hel

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The Medical Marijuana

The Medical Marijuana Legalizing Marijuana Nov 19, 2018 in Persuasive Essay Why Marijuana Have to be Legal? The benefits that will arise from the legalization of marijuana are various; however, among these are the potential economic contributions that marijuana could present to the economy. County, state and federal governments have continued to experience a shortfall in the budgets; as a result, the available resources have been apportioned to various projects on the basis of proportionate allocation according to the available funds. In the meantime, illegal trade of marijuana has resulted in billions of dollars being lost to criminal enterprises. Therefore, in an economic perspective, the legalization of marijuana should be allowed because of the potential financial benefits that will result in the form of taxes, creation of employment and increasing wealth for the local communities. It has been estimated that the funds that will be potentially derived from the legalization of marijuana will amount to billions annually. This translates to increased revenue for the governments for use in various projects and creation of employment; hence reducing the incidence of poverty.

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Biography of Michiel de Ruyter, Great Dutch Admiral

Michiel de Ruyter (March 24, 1607–April 29, 1676) was one of the Netherlands most skilled and successful admirals, who is famous for his role in the  Anglo-Dutch Wars  of the 17th century. He is particularly noted for his raid on the Medway, where the Dutch fleet sailed up the Thames, a river that flows right through the heart of London, England, burning more than 10 British ships and capturing two others. Fast Facts: Michiel de Ruyter Known For: Successful Dutch admiral of the 17th century; led a raid up the Thames and into the heart of LondonAlso Known As: Michiel Adriaenszoon, Bestevaà ªrBorn: March 24, 1607 in Vlissingen, NetherlandsParents: Adriaen Michielszoon, Aagje JansdochterDied: April 29, 1676 in the Bay of  Syracuse, near  SicilyFilms: Admiral (Michiel de Ruyter), 2015Awards and Honors: De Ruyter has a statue in his birthplace  Vlissingen looking out at the sea. Many towns in the Netherlands have named streets after him. Six ships of the  Royal Netherlands Navy  have been named  HNLMS  De Ruyter  and seven are named after his flagship  HNLMS  De Zeven Provincià «n.Spouse(s): Maayke Velders (m. March 16, 1631–December 31, 1631), Neeltje Engels (m. summer 1636–1650), Anna van Gelder (January 9, 1652–April 29, 1676)Children: Adriaen, Neeltje, Aelken, Engel, Margaretha, AnnaNotable Quote: You might see the heads of some, the arms, legs or thighs of others shot off, and others....cut off by the middle with a chain-shot breathing out their last anguish and pain; some burning in ships fired, and others exposed to the mercy of the liquid Element, some of them sinking, whilst others who have learnt the art of swimming, lift up their heads above water and implore pity from their very enemies, entreating them to save their lives. Early Life Ruyter was the son of Vlissingen beer porter Adriaen Michielszoon and his wife Aagje Jansdochter. Growing up in a port town, de Ruyter appears to have first gone to sea at age 11. Four years later, he entered the Dutch army and fought against the Spaniards during the relief of Bergen-op-Zoom. Returning to business, he worked in the Dublin office of the Vlissingen-based Lampsins Brothers from 1623 to 1631. He married Maayke Velders when he returned home, but the union proved brief as she died in childbirth in late 1631. In the wake of his wifes death, de Ruyter became first mate of a whaling fleet that operated around Jan Mayen Island. After three seasons on the whale fishery, he married Neeltje Engels, the daughter of a wealthy burgher. Their union produced three children who survived to adulthood. Recognized as a gifted sailor, de Ruyter was given command of a  ship in 1637 and was charged with hunting raiders operating from Dunkirk. Successfully fulfilling this duty, he was commissioned by the Zeeland Admiralty and given command of the warship Haze, with orders to aid in supporting the Portuguese in their rebellion against Spain. Early Naval Career Sailing as third-in-command of the Dutch fleet, de Ruyter aided in defeating the Spanish off Cape St. Vincent on November 4, 1641. With the fighting concluded, de Ruyter purchased his own ship, Salamander, and engaged in trade with Morocco and the West Indies. Becoming a wealthy merchant, de Ruyter was stunned when his wife suddenly died in 1650. Two years later, he married Anna van Gelder and retired from the merchant service. With the outbreak of the First Anglo-Dutch War, de Ruyter was asked to take command of a Zealandic squadron of directors ships (privately financed warships). Accepting, he successfully defended an outbound Dutch convoy at the Battle of Plymouth on August 26, 1652. Serving under Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp, de Ruyter acted as a squadron commander during the defeats at Kentish Knock (October 8, 1652) and the Gabbard (June 12–13, 1653). Following Tromps death at the Battle of Scheveningen in August 1653, Johan de Witt offered de Ruyter command of the Dutch fleet. Fearful that accepting would anger officers senior to him, de Ruyter declined. Instead, he elected to become the vice-admiral of the Amsterdam Admiralty shortly before the end of the war in May 1654. Later Naval Career Flying his flag from Tijdverdrijf, de Ruyter spent 1655–1656 cruising the Mediterranean and protecting Dutch commerce from the Barbary pirates. Shortly after arriving back in Amsterdam, he re-embarked with orders to support the Danes against Swedish aggression. Operating under Lieutenant-Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam, de Ruyter aided in relieving Gdaà ±sk in July 1656. Over the next seven years, he saw action off the coast of Portugal and spent time on convoy duty in the Mediterranean. In 1664 while off the coast of West Africa, he battled with the English who had occupied Dutch slaving stations. Crossing the Atlantic, de Ruyter was informed that the Second Anglo-Dutch War had begun. Sailing to Barbados, he attacked the English forts and destroyed shipping in the harbor. Turning north, he raided Newfoundland before re-crossing the Atlantic and arriving back in the Netherlands. After van Wassenaer, the leader of the combined Dutch fleet, was killed at the recent Battle of Lowestoft, de Ruyters named was again put forward by Johan de Witt. Accepting on August 11, 1665, de Ruyter led the Dutch to victory at the Four Days Battle the following June. Raid on the Medway While initially successful, de Ruyters luck failed him in August 1666 when he was beaten and narrowly avoided disaster at the St. James Day Battle. The outcome of the battle furthered de Ruyters growing rift with one of his subordinates, Lieutenant-Admiral Cornelis Tromp, who coveted his post as commander of the fleet. Falling gravely ill in early 1667, de Ruyter recovered in time to oversee the Dutch fleets daring raid on the Medway. Conceived by de Witt, the Dutch succeeded in sailing up the Thames and burning three capital ships and 10 others. Before retreating, they captured the English flagship Royal Charles and a second ship, Unity, and towed them back to the Netherlands. The embarrassment of the incident ultimately forced the English to sue for peace. With the wars conclusion, de Ruyters health continued to be an issue and in 1667, de Witt forbade him from putting to sea. This ban continued until 1671. The next year, de Ruyter took the fleet to sea to defend the Netherlands from invasion during the Third Anglo-Dutch War. Encountering the English off Solebay, de Ruyter defeated them in June 1672. Later Years and Death The following year, he won a string crucial victories at Schoonveld (June 7 and June 14) and Texel, which eliminated the threat of English invasion. Promoted to lieutenant-admiral-general, de Ruyter sailed for the Caribbean in mid-1674 after the English had been driven from the war. Attacking French possessions, he was forced to return home when disease broke out aboard his ships. Two years later, de Ruyter was given command of a combined Dutch-Spanish fleet and was sent to aid in putting down the Messina Revolt. Engaging a French fleet under Abraham Duquesne at Stromboli, de Ruyter was able to achieve another victory. Four months later, de Ruyter clashed with Duquesne at the Battle of Agosta. During the fighting, he was mortally wounded in the left leg by a cannonball. Clinging to life for a week, he died on April 29, 1676. On March 18, 1677, de Ruyter was given a full state funeral and buried in Amsterdams Nieuwe Kerk. Sources Pike, John. â€Å"Military.†Ã‚  Anglo-Dutch Wars.â€Å"Michiel Adriaanszoon De Ruyter.†Ã‚  Encyclopedia Britannica, 22 Apr. 2018.â€Å"The Collection.†Ã‚  Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel De Ruyter (1607–1676) - National Maritime Museum.

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Essay on Communication for the Deaf Oralism and Manaulism

Imagine trying to learn a new language, making the correct tongue movements, controlling the airflow through your mouth, and voicing the correct sound and tone. Now imagine doing this while not knowing what the word you are saying sounds like. This is what many deaf and hard of hearing people must do to learn how to speak. The technique of teaching deaf people how to speak and read lips is referred to as oralism. It is a hard and laborious method and in the past often had extreme measures, that were border line abusive, put in place to try and ensure success. Manaulism is when a deaf person uses sign language as their primary from of communication. Learning to communicate using sign language is much more easier on a deaf or hard†¦show more content†¦North Carolina State University’s Disability Services Office has an excellent description for hearing disabilities: Deafness generally refers to a physical condition manifested by a lack of sensitivity to sound. Legally, deafness is defined by levels of hearing loss whose severity is measured by the degree of loudness (or decibels) a sound must attain before it is heard by an individual. Mild deafness ranges from 10 dB to 30 dB, moderate deafness ranges from 30 dB to 60 dB, severe deafness ranges from 60 dB to 90 dB, and profound (or total) deafness ranges from 90 dB to 120 dB or more. Both severe and moderate deafness are commonly referred to as partial deafness, while mild deafness is usually referred to as hard of hearing. (1) To put this in to context, the sound of breathing registers at about 10 decibels, a whisper is 20 decibels, typical conversation is around 40-50 decibels, your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal is 80 decibels, a motorcycle registers at about 100 decibels, and a live rock concert is about 120 decibels. For a person with profound hearing loss a rock concert to them is as loud as a whisper is for a normal hearing person. To hear at this level and attempt to learn speech is not an easy task. It is time consuming, stressful, and exhausting. A deaf person can not hear what they say, what they sound like, or even how loud they are

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Am I Bowered Free Essays

How Quickly did the Catchphrase Catch on? What we were particularly interested in was the speed with which the catchphrase caught on and for this we looked at the ‘Catchphrase’ sample of 200 participants. For the first 3 weeks people were seeing and hearing Bomb Chicks Way Way through paid for media but by week 4 they suddenly started using it themselves (Figure 5). 6 Figure 5: Week 4 the catchphrase took off The sample sizes were low so need to be treated with caution, but there was a clear shift in week 4. We will write a custom essay sample on Am I Bowered or any similar topic only for you Order Now Our tracking period only lasted 8 weeks in total, with two of those before the campaign started, so we were not able to see how usage developed, but at Being used? As well as using the catchphrase while seeing the ads on TV and Posters, we also saw it being used in social networks (although this was picked up under Online rather than Conversation) (Figure 6). Figure 6: In social networks Who was Using it? Perhaps not surprisingly usage of the catchphrase was most positive when the participant used it himself. They were clearly very funny! However, it was also positive when girls used it and we did see our participants receiving texts from girls hey liked. Not surprisingly, although we hadn’t thought about this until we saw the results of the study, hearing the catchphrase was least positive when another boy used it. When we looked at the comments this was often because little brothers would annoy their older siblings with it (Figure 7)! Figure 7: Positivist by different groups In this sense it could be said that girls were more influential than boys, because our male target audience felt more positive about their usage of the catchphrase than they did when other boys used it. But if some of the experiences were negative, how Eng would it take for the catchphrase to become annoying? What about Whereat? Each time we saw a new TV execution launched, the positivist of the texts increased indicating that the campaign needed new executions to keep it fresh (Figure 8). Figure 8: Positivist highest in first week of new execution When we looked at the Catchphrase stream and saw how negatively people were reacting to the catchphrase ‘Am I Powered’, used in the comedy series on TV by Catherine Tate, we could see that catchphrases could wear out relatively quickly (Figure 9). 8 Figure 9: Risk of whereat In fact, ‘Am I Powered’ got a bit of a boost when Tony Blair used it during Comic Relief, so this new context refreshed its perception slightly. The learning from ‘Am I Powered’ was that Bomb Chicks Way Way should be allowed to burn brightly for a few weeks or months, but certainly wasn’t a year long campaign. In hindsight, the switch from Bomb Chicks Way Way to the next Axe campaign was probably slightly too soon, as the brand didn’t fully capitalism on the early momentum we saw the catchphrase gathering. For instance, we saw in the main message that young guys were starting to play with the catchphrase and make it their own. If we had continued to monitor the campaign in real time we would have seen the moment when it started to wear out. However, with frequent refreshment of executions, it appeared from our study that it could go on a few months. Recommendations This new real-time research approach helped us to make some clear recommendations. Firstly, the combination of TV and Posters were working well as the Posters were reminding people of the TV ads and were prompting use of the catchphrase. Secondly, it was necessary to keep rolling out new creative executions to keep the campaign fresh. Thirdly, the campaign would wear out if kept going too long but could build momentum over a few months. Finally, the activation was working less strongly because it wasn’t linked to the Bomb Chicks Way Way campaign. As a result, online was under-utilized and represented an opportunity for rolling out to other countries. Following these results, Milliner asked us to conduct a thorough evaluation of competitive online touchiness to ensure best practice for future campaigns. Results The combination of a reluctance product and successful advertising campaign, featuring a catchphrase, ensured that Lynx/Axe was able to meet its objectives of sustaining a price increase while growing sales. How to cite Am I Bowered, Papers

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Me, myself ; I free essay sample

Just to be clear Im not opposed to learning. I love to learn. Just sometimes I dont feel I truly am when Im confined in the vicinities of my curriculumand some subjects bore me. OK, I am never going to spend hours reading Moby Dick just out of mere desire. I do not have an uncontrollable desire that coerces me to plummet into a physics textbook and read myriad pages on the forces of motion and I do not have a verbal vocabulary that connotes like I spend all my free time reading Websters New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder. I am the girl whose behavior perplexes others. I act like a complete buffoon in class and come out with a 5 on my AP Biology exam and a 4.0 GPA. In fact, many attribute my academic excellence to black magic. Those people I would say have a wild imagination. We will write a custom essay sample on Me, myself ; I or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I am a girl whose attitude towards learning varies. I would readily dive into a unit on Evolution but I would not touch a Physics textbook for any reason other than obligation. I read as many articles as I can from the YAHOO! Homepage but cant get through the 2nd chapter of Great Expectations. I am the girl who loves to sleep. I dont sleep a lot because I find it to be an auspicious life boat in a sea full of debacles nor am I a casual drug user. I love to sleep because I love to dream. Its the only way I can abscond to my future. When I lay my head on the pillow and close my eyes, my business grows and the orphaned children, abused women and destitute souls take center stage as I play a supporting role. When I sleep, my dreams come to life. I am the girl who dabbles with the verb, express. My mind is inundated with ideas that I put down in many forms -Poems, screenplays, novels, adverts, songs, designs. My wardrobe is volatile and my hair has gone through the extremities of the metric ruler and colors of the (visible light) electromagnetic spectrum. I am the girl whos captivated with criminology, psychology and human cognizance. I spend my free time watching The Mentalist, Lie to me, CSI and Sherlock Holmes and reading archaic cases of criminals on Wikipedia and Detective Conan manga. I am a strong advocate for womens rights and I cringe whenever some ignorant person informs me of my place. I am all these things but I have no idea what I want to be. What I do know is that I want to be successful. I have ambition. I guess thats the answer. Not black magic unfortunately, just ambition. My ambition has had the greatest influence on me. It makes me do things I dont like to. Because Ill be honest, writing a 20 page essay on the God particle doesnt catch my fancy.